Dave Costenaro

Dave Costenaro

Chief Data Officer at CSG

Dave Costenaro is a data-driven technical and business leader focused on integrating complex perspectives to drive decision making and innovation. He currently serves as the Chief Data Officer at CSG where they build custom software, data, AI, and analytics solutions for our clients. Formerly Dave was the Chief Data Scientist at AI SaaS startup Capacity, Strategic Planner at Fortune 500 utility Ameren, and Engineer at global aerospace leader Boeing.  

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ScalePoint - Day 1 12/13/2023
10:15 am - 11:00 am

Surveying the AI Opportunity Landscape

Emerson Auditorium, Knight Center

(Presented by: Dave Costenaro, Chief Data Officer at csg) This session will set the stage for a pragmatic and productive exploration of AI in the business world. We’ll dig into the reasons behind all the buzz, define the fundamentals of AI under the hood, and understand what the newest Generative AI can and cannot do. Then we’ll take a personalized look at what YOU should be thinking about. And finally we’ll explore wider impacts for the economy, society, and St. Louis