George Worrall

George Worrall

Director at Deep Grain

George Worrall is the Director at Deep Grain, where they build models to provide geospatial intelligence on crop production and condition in major exporting countries. Deep Grain is an agricultural commodities forecasting company that provides geospatial intelligence to traders and other commodities market participants. Our systems combine crop physiology models built by agronomists with state-of-the-art machine learning methods to produce forecasts that are fundamentally grounded in plant biology. Our physiology-first approach makes our forecasts more robust during extraordinary seasons, when traditional forecasting methods struggle.  

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ScalePoint - Day 1 12/13/2023
2:30 pm - 3:15 pm

Breakout Session 1C: Exploring AI Innovation in Agtech

Emerson Auditorium, Knight Center

(A Panel with Thomas Brutnell, Co-Founder of Benson Hill, Chief Operating Officer of Gateway Biotechnology Inc., & Chief Scientific Officer at McClintock, and George Worrall, Director of Deep Grain) Artificial Intelligence is also revolutionizing the advancements of crop breeding, developing, and shipping. Join a panel of St. Louis based innovators to discuss the recent innovations of AI in Agtech and how it is shaping the future role the Midwest will play in American crop production.