Paul Boal

Paul Boal

Account Executive - Healthcare & Life Sciences at Snowflake

Paul Boal is a seasoned leader and speaker renowned for his expertise in leadership and data analytics in the healthcare industry. With over two decades of experience, Paul recently transitioned from positions in the payer, provider, and consulting space to the healthcare team at Snowflake, a data analytics cloud technology company, where he specializes in driving transformative change for healthcare organizations. His passion for fostering innovation and guiding healthcare also extends into academia, where he is helping prepare the next generation of healthcare data analytics professionals through St. Louis University's Master of Healthcare Data Science program.

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ScalePoint - Day 3 02/08/2024
3:30 pm - 4:15 pm

Breakout Session 2B: Creating a Productive Relationship with AI: Feeding the Shoggoths Under Your Desk

Room 210, Knight Center

(Presented by Paul Boal, Account Executive - Healthcare & Life Sciences at Snowflake) You know that coworker with poor timing who pops their head in your office or over you cubicle wall at just the right time to interrupt your train of thought, and all they want to talk about is their weekend trip to the lake or the latest challenge with their project? If we don't manage the introduction of AI into our business space, it will have the side effects of distraction, decreased productivity, and a devolving work place environment. We can dream all we want about the amazing things AI can do and imagine what they can do to make our lives easier, but how often do radical technological changes fit into our lives exactly the way we expect? Let's talk about what organizations need to do to shape and steer the changes brought by AI into massive business productivity and innovation!