Shiv Bharti

Shiv Bharti

Sr. Data & AI Specialist, US Health & Education Industries at Microsoft

Shiv is a seasoned industry leader with specialized expertise in Digital, Data, and AI Transformation. Currently serving as the Data & AI Specialist at Microsoft, he focuses on a diverse range of sectors: Healthcare, Higher Education, and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) in the West U.S. Leading a dynamic team that includes Specialists, Cloud Solution Architects (CSA), technical experts, partners, and consulting professionals, Shiv enables clients to optimize the use of data, AI, and digital technologies to meet their business objectives and gain a competitive advantage. His unique combination of technological acumen and strategic vision solidifies his reputation as a respected figure in the industry. Before joining Microsoft, Shiv transitioned into consulting, working with a wide array of Fortune 500 giants such as Express Scripts, McKesson, United Airlines, Experian, McDonald's, and Novartis Pharmaceuticals. His collaborations also extend to esteemed financial institutions like Invesco and Lazard, as well as technology leaders like Logitech and Xilinx. In these roles, he managed extensive data management and digital transformation projects, highlighting his capacity to navigate complex challenges and deliver scalable solutions. Beyond his corporate roles, Shiv is a frequent speaker at international conferences and is often invited by academic institutions to discuss trends and advancements in Digital and AI Transformation. A prolific writer and thought leader, particularly in the fields of Data Engineering and Artificial Intelligence, Shiv’s contributions have a significant impact on the global technological landscape. These engagements not only elevate the global conversation but also reinforce his status as an authoritative voice in the sector. Shiv began his career in Product Engineering, specifically building analytics solutions for Oracle. This experience laid a strong foundation for his continued success in reshaping how businesses leverage data and technological advancements for a competitive edge. His extensive educational credentials, spanning business administration, data science, and computer science, have been pivotal in shaping his innovative approach to integrating technology and business strategy.  

All Sessions by Shiv Bharti

ScalePoint - Day 2 01/16/2024
11:00 am - 11:30 am

Inclusion in the Age of AI: Benefitting humanity with equitable LLM Access

Emerson Auditorium, Knight Center

Hear from Easan Selvan, Academic Medical Center Director at Microsoft and Shiv Bharti, Sr. Data & AI Specialist, US Health & Education Industries at Microsoft on how to prioritize inclusion in the age of AI.