Thomas Brutnell

Thomas Brutnell

Chief Scientific Officer at McClintock LLC

With over 20 years of experience in biotechnology and life sciences, I am passionate about developing innovative and impactful solutions for medicine and agriculture. As the Chief Operating Officer at Gateway Biotechnology, I oversee our drug development pipeline and seek new opportunities to ensure a successful transition from drug discovery to clinical studies. I have been leading pharmacogenomics efforts at Gateway to better diagnose hearing disorders and tailor therapies accordingly. I have also been engaged in developing commercial strategies for our pipeline products, securing multiple partnerships and contracts with key stakeholders. In addition to my role at Gateway, I am also the Chief Scientific Officer at McClintock LLC, a company that leverages an advanced AI Breeding platform to deliver breeding solutions to partners. In this role, I help develop the scientific vision and scope of the company, as well as oversee R&D operations. I assist our clients in the design and execution of breeding objectives, as well as developing comprehensive strategies for market access using the latest in genomics and genome editing technologies. I have a PhD in Biology from Yale University and a BS in Biology from the University of Connecticut. I am also a co-founder of Benson Hill, a company that pioneered a computation platform for crop improvement.  

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ScalePoint - Day 1 12/13/2023
2:30 pm - 3:15 pm

Breakout Session 1C: Exploring AI Innovation in Agtech

Emerson Auditorium, Knight Center

(A Panel with Thomas Brutnell, Co-Founder of Benson Hill, Chief Operating Officer of Gateway Biotechnology Inc., & Chief Scientific Officer at McClintock, and George Worrall, Director of Deep Grain) Artificial Intelligence is also revolutionizing the advancements of crop breeding, developing, and shipping. Join a panel of St. Louis based innovators to discuss the recent innovations of AI in Agtech and how it is shaping the future role the Midwest will play in American crop production.