Yao Xie

Yao Xie

Co-Founder & CEO at Premier Strategy Consulting

Yao is co-founder and CEO of Premier Strategy Consulting LLC. He has worked in the financial, retail and agricultural sector where he has spearheaded several initiatives to fruition. With an experience of 90% deployed machine learning/statistical models and project completion, he founded Premier Strategy Consulting LLC with the intent of helping industry get maximum return on investment (ROI) from their data. Prior to embarking on this journey, he successfully directed data science organization for a regional $3B retailer Schnucks for over 3 years where he built a portfolio of over $300M projects which accounted for 10% of annual sales of the company. With a clear analytical thinking and unparalleled focus, his work has resulted in 8 industrial patents which is unique from homebase of the Midwest and places him on top among his peers. In his downtime, he enjoys strategizing and spending time with his family and friends.  

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ScalePoint - Day 1 12/13/2023
2:30 pm - 3:15 pm

Breakout Session 1B: AI Pitfalls and How to Avoid them Across Industries

Room 210, Knight Center

(Presented by: Yao Xie, Co-Founder & CEO of Premier Strategy Consulting) A list of common pitfalls / mistakes exist across industries when AI opportunities are identified and prioritized. Some of these are due to how data scientists approach problems. Some are due to how decision makers prioritize business problems to solve. Some are due to incorrect assessment of difficulty levels of different problem statements, etc. In this session, we will share and discuss many of these common pitfalls and fundamentally how to avoid them across examples. Specific examples will be shared in healthcare, fintech, retail and biotech industries.