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As part of the Phase 1 Strategy for growing a healthier innovation pipeline for the St. Louis Metro, TechSTL is committing to support the expansion of regional networks. Each of the committees below are working in tandem with other active campaigns and initiatives within these spaces, unless there does not yet exist a group to drive the topic. Networks are places for representatives from our Tech Council member organizations to get more involved in area projects. Our team welcomes you to join one more of these networks and you will receive a confirmation email within the a few days of applying.

Networks will have the opportunity define their meeting cadence and project focus. TechSTL is happy to support both face-to-face meetings and hybrid models, depending on the request of the participants. If you are not yet a member of the council, you can pay to join or apply for a community stakeholder seat using the links below.

2023 TechWeek Planning Committee

Bi-Weekly Planning Calls for STL Tech Week, hosted April 24-28. This Committee is helping to build the schedule, select speakers, promote the events, and volunteer during the week.

NextGen Leadership Committee

 NextGen is our free membership for 18-24 year olds. The Committee is made up of Higher Education representatives, Nonprofit Training Partners, Service Providers, and Hiring Partners. Meets monthly.

Women in Technology Committee

Meets monthly to support programming for women in technology fields, advise around advocacy to grow representation of women in tech, drive digital equity, and making innovation more inclusive.

Black Tech Committee

Drive regional programming to support BIPOC professionals and business owners, advice around the campaigns and advocacy to grow representation of communities of color in STEM, drive digital equity, and making innovation more inclusive.

Digital Inclusion Committee

Digital Inclusion Committee convenes once a month to connect elected officials, community stakeholders, anchor institutions, broadband providers, and business representatives to address the complex challenges of bridging the digital divide.

Tech Talent Pipeline Committee

 Members of this Committee are those who play a role in scaling and diversifying the Tech Talent Pipeline, such as training providers, workforce development professionals, community advocates, economic developers, hiring partners, etc.

Tech Professionals Committee

This Committee meets to advocate on behalf of the Tech Professional Community to grow a culture of innovation that supports the full spectrum of the tech ecosystem, which means offering relevant programs, resources, and support opportunities.

Tech Entrepreneurs Committee

The Tech Entrepreneurs Committee is where we engage the business community to drive the entrepreneurial ecosystem of St. Louis to discuss what events, tools, and resources need to be made available to more effectively support tech and tech-enabled companies.

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Annual Membership for the TechSTL Council is $500 per year for a nonprofit or for-profit organization serving the Greater St Louis region. You can pay via credit card within the registration form and a receipt will be emailed to you.

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We are designating 250 Community Stakeholder seats to ensure accessibility regardless of financial means. If you would like to apply for a complimentary seat on behalf of your organization, we welcome your application.

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