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With leading clusters in agtech, biomedical, geospatial, fintech, aerospace, cybersecurity, and advanced manufacturing, emerging technology in Saint Louis connects a thriving innovation community with a bi-state region that is on it’s way to becoming the most diverse and productive tech workforces in the country.

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Our Strategic Plan


TechSTL was born to serve the 15-county MSA out of strategic collaboration between the St Louis Development Corporation, Lindenwood University, and Greater St. Louis, Inc.


In Spring of 2022, the TechSTL Council launched to serve as the first Tech Council of the Saint Louis Region. Steering Committees, Founding Members, and Key Partners are forming now.


Home to the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, St Louis is a Data Headquartners with the capacity to serve as the global leader in GIS, Cybersecurity, Edge Computing, AI, and more.


A vibrant network of advanced technology clusters, STL is home to a highly diverse and productive tech workforce pipeline, along with a dynamic urban and rural entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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We Spur St Louis Tech Opportunities

There’s never been a better time to get engaged in St. Louis technology.  In addition to serving as the 3rd largest inland port in the United States sitting at the heart of national and foreign trade, St Louis is home to several internationally ranked research universities, multiple innovation districts tied to global giants in SAAS, biotech, agtech, and plant sciences, over 200 entrepreneur and small business support organizations, a dozen equity capital backed accelerators and venture funds, and now is the home to the new 100-acre headquarters for the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency. It is no wonder why Entrepreneur Magazine ranked St Louis #1 on the list of “Heartland Cities Essential to the Future of American Innovation.”

What’s Happening in STL

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Our Regional Priorities

TechSTL bolsters the technology ecosystem of the bi-state St Louis Region by supporting our members through data leadership, talent retention and attraction, business development, and government relations.

Tech Talent

As Tech Occupation jobs rapidly outpace Tech Industry jobs, we have never had more demand for skilled tech talent. St Louis is poised to be one of the most diverse and productive tech workforces in the country and TechSTL is partnering with anchor institutions to make that happen. 

Business Support

Technology connects all businesses, no matter the size, industry, or stage of growth. TechSTL is committed to serving as a regional leader in making innovation more inclusive for all entrepreneurs across the St Louis Region, while also spurring high-growth opportunities for Tech Founders.


Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math focused education and resources are vital to grow the Innovation Ecosystem across the Saint Louis Region.


Regional, State, and National Advocacy is a critical component of any Technology Leadership Organization since legislation helps to shape the innovation landscape.


STL is doing big things in the Technology and Innovation space, which deserves more recognition on a National stage. Public Relations is a top priority of TechSTL.

Inclusive Innovation

Diversity is one of the greatest under-tapped resources of the St Louis Region and making innovation more inclusive is a foundational pillar of TechSTL. From Workforce to Entrepreneurship to Leadership, building more equitable pathways to prosperity is paramount to our success.


St Louis is already on it’s way to becoming a Data City as we rapidly advance our position as a Geospatial and Open Data leader across the country. Leveraging those resources to up level our data collection and reporting infrastructure will secure our spot as an emerging tech hub.

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