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A Founder Friendly, Community First Tech Council

Modeling the core value of inclusivity in innovation, TechSTL is democratizing membership to build the largest, most diverse – and therefore strongest – tech council in North America.  Whether you are a Paid Member or a Community Stakeholder, membership includes exclusive access to our regional job fairs, industry roundtable events, working committees, private retreats, and digital members portal. Council Members will also receive economic data dashboards, public policy updates, and public relations opportunities around growing the STL innovation hub.

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Taking Big Ideas and Making Them Approachable: Kathryn Jamboretz Brings AI to Obituaries

"From my earliest days I was a theater kid," said Kathryn Jamboretz, founder of AI obituary platform Tributary. "I was always telling tales and getting up on tree stumps and talking and I just always loved the idea of being able to present an idea in a way that would...

A Social Venture Cinderella Story: Meet Tech Founder Andrew Glantz of GiftAMeal

“I applied five times for an Arch Grant and got rejected every single time! The time that we ended up getting it, I actually was rejected then as well,” laughed Andrew Glantz, CEO of GiftAMeal. “And then I got a call from Arch Grants five days before the finalist...

Spreadsheets to Hunches: Ryan Richt Creates Exponential Value Using AI

“My dad is a doctor and my mom is an artist... I wanted to be a scientist when I was in kindergarten,” said Well Principled founder and CEO Ryan Richt. “I'm a mathematician by trade.”   Taking something that doesn't look quantifiable and turning it into math is...

From Nigeria to St Louis: Serial Entrepreneur Ola Ayeni’s path to Claim Academy

Claim Academy helps train people who have little or no background in software programming, in 12 weeks, so they can pursue high paying tech jobs in software, cybersecurity and Geo-spatial sectors. President and founder Ola Ayeni had no idea that was in his future when...

From Burnout to Breakwell: Tara Gregor is Redefining Workplace Wellness

Helping people live the life they desire and feel connected to all aspects of their personal and professional life is the overriding goal of BreakWell founder Tara Gregor – so it's ironic that starting her own business did very little of that for her until she reached...

Reverse Darts: How Michael Margraf Launched Total Orbit

“Like you hear with many entrepreneur’s stories, I had a few ideas that didn’t work out and then one business that did -- with a multi-million dollar exit,” said Total Orbit CEO Michael Margraf. After selling the company that worked out he went into semi-retirement,...

All in the Family: Sibling BioTech Founders are Improving the Practice of Healthcare

“I am not deep in the sciences. My background is in finance, investment banking, private equity,” said Geneoscopy co-founder and CEO Andrew Barnell. “I'm lucky enough to have a brilliant sister and co-founder. She's an MD, Ph. D. and brings the science background to...

Why St Louis is Made for Tech Innovation

Global Industry Leaders

Collaborate alongside innovative cluster powerhouses – biotech, agtech, geospatial, fintech, aerospace, and advanced manufacturing

Innovative Startups

Join forces with our thriving and diverse entrepreneurial ecosystem - Forbes recently named St. Louis the #2 rising city for startups

Top Research Institutions

Home to some of the world's leading research and commercialization universities, STL brings you to the front-lines of academic innovation

Robust Investor Network

With over a dozen Venture Funds, Angel Networks, Seed Round Accelerators, and Non-Dilutive Equity Grants, St Louis is ripe with investment pathways

A Collaborative Community

St. Louis resources in business, government, academia, and the community all work together to make it a thriving and diverse tech environment

Expanding Talent Pipeline

Our universities and workforce development organizations are rapidly expanding their offerings to prepare the talent for the future

Diversified Opportunities

Home to many diverse cultures, lifestyles, and ideologies, the St Louis community values inclusion, equitable opportunity, and social justice

Enviable Affordability

US News & World Report recently named St. Louis among the top 25 most affordable cities in the United States, our city is a great place to call home

TechSTL Values: Growing Tech Talent, Tech Jobs, and Tech Startups

  • We believe in making St Louis a Founder Friendly city that ensures innovation is more inclusive, equitable, and accessible.

  • A healthy innovation pipeline offers clear and easy access to all of the resources, people, and opportunities involving technology.

  • Upward mobility matters and it requires active collaboration to grow tech talent, tech jobs, and tech innovation.

  • New ideas are born from unexpected collisions, so we help innovators collide through high-value events and programs.

  • Tech Innovation is #STLmade. Let's spread the word.

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Annual Membership for the TechSTL Tech Council is $500 per year. Upon registration, you can either pay now via credit card or have an invoice emailed to your organization for processing.

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TechSTL is designating 250 Community Stakeholder seats to ensure accessibility regardless of financial means. If you would like to serve on the Council on behalf of your organization, we welcome your application.

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