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Overcoming the Digital Divide to Equitably Grow Tech Opportunity

In order for a community to bridge the digital divide they must address the five key areas, as referenced by ConnectSTL:

  1. High-Speed Coverage: Does infrastructure exist to provide high-speed broadband technology?
  2. Quality Connection: Is the connection fast and reliable enough for users to engage in activities such as virtual learning or telemedicine visits?
  3. Service Affordability: Can households afford quality high-speed broadband service?
  4. Device Affordability: Can households afford the devices they need?
  5. Digital Proficiency: Do residents have the skills and/or support necessary to utilize the technology?

Initial Priorities for the Digital Divide Working Committee

Digital Proficiency Roadmap

As efforts continue to grow across the region around bridging the digital divide, TechSTL is working with partners to identify the current resources and tools currently available around digital proficiency education across St Louis.

Blueprint Ecosystem Gaps

The process of developing  a Digital Literacy Roadmap for the region will help our Working Committee more clearly identify the Ecosystem Gaps, as well as, then advise the best ways to address those gaps in our 5×5 Blueprint.

Ensure Resource Accessibility

With a working strategy for ways to grow a more vibrant and interconnected learning community, the Working Committee will tackle the implementation efforts to ensure that we are leveraging technology to ensure equitable access to resources.

Advocacy & Fundraising

With recent legislation and government funding opportunities becoming more readily available for supporting Digital Proficiency and improved Broadband Connectivity, the Committee will identify future fundraising avenues for growth. 

Advance Digital Learning

Having identified the key partners and programs needed to grow digital proficiency education accessibility, the Working Committee will develop a strategy for leveraging the TechSTL recording studios to increase production.

Invest in Device Upgrades

Utilizing the research and data around the communities most in need of increased access to digital devices, the Working Committee will develop an implementation strategy for the purchase and dispursement of new computers.

TechSTL Values: Growing Tech Talent, Tech Jobs, and Tech Startups

  • We believe in making St Louis a Founder Friendly city that ensures innovation is more inclusive, equitable, and accessible.

  • A healthy innovation pipeline offers clear and easy access to all of the resources, people, and opportunities involving technology.

  • Upward mobility matters and it requires active collaboration to grow tech talent, tech jobs, and tech innovation.

  • New ideas are born from unexpected collisions, so we help innovators collide through high-value events and programs.

  • Tech Innovation is #STLmade. Let's spread the word.

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