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Building A Vibrant Startup Community and Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

A healthy ecosystem has connectivity and accessibility across all seven capitals, as referenced in The Startup Community Way:

  1. Intellectual Capital: ideas, information, technologies, stories, educational activities
  2. Human Capital: talent, knowledge, skills, experience, diversity
  3. Financial Capital: revenue, debt, equity, or grant financing
  4. Network Capital: connectedness, relationships, bondedness
  5. Cultural Capital: attitudes, mindset, behaviors, history, inclusiveness, love of place
  6. Physical Capital: density, quality of place, fluidity, infrastructure
  7. Institutional Capital: system of laws, functioning public sector, markets, stability

Initial Priorities for the Founder Friendly Working Committee

Build Founder Playbooks

Out of the multi-month steering committee process with key stakeholders from across the metro, we identified that the top cornerstone projects for the Founder Friendly Committee was to build digital Playbooks for Tech Founders.

Blueprint Ecosystem Gaps

The process of developing Founder Playbooks for the region will help our Working Committee more clearly identify the Ecosystem Gaps, as well as, then advise the best ways to address those gaps in our 5×5 Blueprint.

Ensure Resource Accessibility

With a working strategy for ways to grow a more vibrant and interconnected startup community, the Working Committee will tackle the implementation efforts to ensure that we are leveraging technology to ensure equitable access to resources.

Drive New Programming

A Founder Friendly Startup Community is one that puts entrepreneurs at the center of all efforts and is committed to serving the needs of the innovators above the needs of the ESOs. This Committee will help us stay focused on Founder needs.

Launch High-Value Events

Unexpected collisions are what keep an innovation hub alive and healthy. The Founder Friendly Committee will keep their finger on the pulse of St Louis to determine what new events we need to ensure the network is thriving.

Keep St Louis Leading-Edge

TechSTL is working to both advance the digital leadership of St Louis over the next 5 years, and we’re committed to positioning this city as a global visionary for decades in the future. Tech Founders are key to achieving that goal.

TechSTL Values: Growing Tech Talent, Tech Jobs, and Tech Startups

  • We believe in making St Louis a Founder Friendly city that ensures innovation is more inclusive, equitable, and accessible.

  • A healthy innovation pipeline offers clear and easy access to all of the resources, people, and opportunities involving technology.

  • Upward mobility matters and it requires active collaboration to grow tech talent, tech jobs, and tech innovation.

  • New ideas are born from unexpected collisions, so we help innovators collide through high-value events and programs.

  • Tech Innovation is #STLmade. Let's spread the word.

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