Sheila Buswell
CEO, Buswell Biomedical

In which sector is your company most closely aligned?

Artificial Intelligence

What does your company do?

Developing the Upward Mobility to sell to Hospital Purchasing groups. This device will provide an increase in time for the healthcare workers, more independence for the patients saving money in the form of reduced Lawsuits and workman’s compensation claims for injuries due to falling patients in Rehabilitation Hospitals. The Upward Mobility and Buswell Biomedical’s passion to solve these problems with existing technologies applied in novel ways – this is the Mission of Buswell Biomedical.

How long has your company had a presence in St. Louis?

April 19 2019, so 3.5 years

What makes the St. Louis region an ideal home for your company/organization? Why do you choose to operate your business here?

I received my MS degree from Saint Louis University and I remain connected to that school. SLU has one of the two medical schools in the area. St. Louis has a large healthcare network with multiple nursing schools. This provides a great resource for insights into the needs of that industry. Our advisory board is mostly made of members from this area. They include professionals in the Healthcare, Technology, and Business areas. We received the Balsa Grant last year. This local organization provided money and classes that were very valuable. Resources available at the city and county libraries are wonderful.

What has been the most valuable resource (person, tool, organization) for helping your company grow? How did you find it? How do you utilize it?

The library. I started just going to classes, I started going there initially to find books on AI/ML and Business and I found a great deal more. I ended up using their services to research nurses, healthcare workers and falls. I was able to determine the cost of a nights stay in a hospital and do a great deal of research I was not planning on initially.

What advice would you give new tech companies that are trying to navigate the current market?

Don’t stop find a way or make one like Patton said and like Rocky said it isn’t how hard you can hit it is how many times you can be hit and keep moving forward.

What new practice or policy did you put into place over the pandemic that has positively impacted your company?

Our advisory board meetings are virtual now. This has meant that they are more flexible and membership is more fluid.

Tell us about the next big thing in your technology sector. How will this affect your business?

Advances in sensor technology and data processing will allow us to provide a more effective product at lower cost. Batteries are getting better and less expensive due to the EV market. This will make our product less expensive to build.

What is the accomplishment you are most proud to share from 2022?

While attending the Entrepreneurial Bootcamp for Veterans with Disabilities at UCONN, I received the Lacroix Innovative Technology award and the Rob and Barbara Hughes Most Innovative Technology award. I pitched Buswell Biomedical from my hotel room while quarantined with COVID – 19. I was the winner of these awards, one judged by my peers and the other by a panel of judges.

What exciting development is on the horizon for your company in 2023?

Completion of the prototype of the Upward Mobility

How can people learn more about your company or get involved in what you are doing?

Buswell Biomedical has a website and I am available to discuss my company. People can get involved by providing a motion sample to help us build our Machine Learning Library

Meet Buswell Biomedical Inc.

Buswell Biomedical is developing a medical mobility device that saves money by reducing lawsuits in rehabilitation hospitals. Patients have the ability to take themselves to the bathroom safely and independently.

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