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Our Commitment to Scaling the STL Talent Pipeline

Currently, the St Louis MSA has over 45,000 tech jobs open and waiting to be filled. Just under 10k of those are in emerging technology fields, and around 36k are in more traditional tech industries.

According to Greater St Louis, Inc, the current IT Industry workforce represents 44.2K positions, with IT Occupations representing 49.6K positions  and 43% overlap, with a total of roughly 75k or 5.6% of the overall workforce. In the region, our two largest sectors of employment are IT Services and Custom Software Services at 22,400 and Telecommunications and Internet Services at 15,729. 

Prior to the pandemic, our tech workforce was around 7.8% or 107,000 individuals. If we were to double the tech workforce then that would be around an additional 75,000 people, which would address both the current tech demand and meet the expected growth needs of the industry bounce-back.

Upward mobility matters and it requires active collaboration to grow tech talent, tech jobs, and tech innovation. In order for us to double our tech workforce within 5 years, we will need to rapidly scale the size of our tech talent pipeline to accommodate the increased capacity demands and delivery of services. This accomplishment will not be small nor simple, it will require a vast network of investments and coordinated efforts to achieve. However, improving the health and efficiency of our innovation pipeline is fundamental for meeting the needs of our tech talent demands.

As an investment in St Louis, TechSTL commits to working alongside our community partners to develop an action plan around advancing the systems, programming, funding, and attraction of participants to 5x the flow of talent through our regional network. Our role will be to rally critical stakeholders, invest in scalepoint infrastructure, advocate around key legislation, and support the communication efforts to promote the growth of projects.

Initial Priorities for the Talent Pipeline Working Committee

Mapping IT Pathways

Out of the multi-month steering committee process with key stakeholders from across the metro, we identified that the top cornerstone projects for the Talent Pipeline Committee was to work with partners to map the IT pathways.

Blueprint Ecosystem Gaps

The process of developing  adaptable IT Pathways for the region will help our Working Committee more clearly identify the Ecosystem Gaps, as well as, then advise the best ways to address those gaps in our 5×5 Blueprint.

Ensure Resource Accessibility

With a working strategy for ways to grow a more vibrant and interconnected learning community, the Working Committee will tackle the implementation efforts to ensure that we are leveraging technology to ensure equitable access to resources.

Support Scaling of Pipeline

We cannot rapidly scale our tech talent pipeline without working directly with area partner around what they would require in order to 5x the number of participants in their programming. This Committee will drive the strategy and action plan.

Expand Job Fairs & Attraction

In order for us to double our tech workforce in the MSA within the next 5 years, we will need to 5x our tech talent as soon as possible. We will invest in STEM Job Fairs, Job Boards, and Talent Networks to attract new talent to the region.

Incentivize Staying in St Louis

Retaining tech talent in Greater St Louis must be a top priority if we want to successfully grow a globally competitive innovation hub. This Committee will find and consider incentives, perks, and opportunities to keep talent here.

TechSTL Values: Growing Tech Talent, Tech Jobs, and Tech Startups

  • We believe in making St Louis a Founder Friendly city that ensures innovation is more inclusive, equitable, and accessible.

  • A healthy innovation pipeline offers clear and easy access to all of the resources, people, and opportunities involving technology.

  • Upward mobility matters and it requires active collaboration to grow tech talent, tech jobs, and tech innovation.

  • New ideas are born from unexpected collisions, so we help innovators collide through high-value events and programs.

  • Tech Innovation is #STLmade. Let's spread the word.

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