Meet STL Founders


“Innovation is anything, but business as usual”

DataPlant is the Leading AI Platform for Revenue Retention

Sam Cummings, CEO of DataPlant, is revolutionizing the way companies collect and analyze their business data with AI-driven software. His experience as head of data science at Gainsight and enterprise teams at companies such as Indeed inspired him to create DataPlant, a tool that enables companies of all sizes to develop data architecture and produce valuable insights rapidly. By relying on automation and freeing up human energy, businesses can become more efficient and empathetic partners for their customers. Cummings anticipates rolling out Success GPT, which provides businesses with suggestions on how to reach their goals, in the near future.

Capacity’s Acquisition of Textel

David Karandish, CEO of Capacity and former founder of, is leading the charge in the St. Louis tech startup scene. Capacity’s automated support platform is revolutionizing the way customer service works with AI-powered bots that can answer up to 90% of customer questions. Karandish’s vision for the future of St. Louis includes investing in startups and bridging the digital divide by providing computer science instruction to students from low-income backgrounds.

Soy Protein Innovation Expansion into Aquafeeds

Benson Hill’s CropOS® technology platform is improving food quality, nutrition, and sustainability. With collaborations at home and abroad, they’re well-positioned to take advantage of a growing demand for plant-based proteins. Benson Hill utilizes data and AI to continuously improve crop varieties, eliminating wasteful processing steps in agri-food industries.


1 Million Cups St Louis is Back!

We believe that conversations taking place over one million cups of coffee can make a measurable impact on the entrepreneur ecosystem and economics of St. Louis.

St Louis Startup Week 2021

Experience the programs, the spaces, and the biggest annual events of this vibrant startup community. Celebrate the successes of 2021 and learn about the resources available for powering your startup and growing your company.